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Data Visualization

Opera Mediaworks Innovation Lab

Opera Mediaworks Innovation Lab

Print and Web Design Designed all the visuals for the Opera Mediaworks Innovation lab. Both for print and web.
Yahoo Finance
Opera Mediaworks Site

east bay koi website images

Intelligent Audience Creation

Data Visualization Created all the graphs for a special report focused on intelligent audience creation.
Audience Section

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness Going Mobile

Data Visualization Set up and designed a research study focusing on Health & Fitness. Collected and visualized all data.

Infographic Design

Travel Infographic

Travel Infographic

Data Visualization and Infographic Design
Mobile Marketing Magazine

March Madness Infographic

Basketball Tournament Infographic

Data Visualization and Infographic Design
Mobile Marketing Watch

Big Game Infographic

Big Game Infographic

Data Visualization and Infographic Design

Poster Design

Opera Mini

Opera Mini

Poster Design
Opera Software Twitter

Opera Sour

Opera Sour

Poster Design

Mobile Market Share

Market Share Poster

Poster Design

Wedding Invitations

Audrey Wedding

Wedding Invitation

Printe Design

Joanne Wedding

Wedding Invitation

Print Design

Jessica Wedding

Wedding Logo

Print Design

Misc Projects

AdColony Logo

AdColony Logo Refresh

Logo Design Modernized the look of the original AdColony logo.
AdColony Blog

MFI Report

Mobile First Insights Report

Print Design Designed the layout, typography and look & feel of the Insights Report.
Opera Blog

Kahoot Infographic

Kahoot Infographic

Infographic Design and Data Visualization
Kahoot Blog

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Posters

Poster Design

optical thomson scattering laser

Optical Thomson Scattering Laser Logo

Designed a logo for the user interface of an Optical Thomson Scattering Laser. This was created for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's

Print Design

Quarterly Report

Quarterly Report

Data Visualization Designed all the graphics and layout for the quarterly report.

Opera Mediaworks
little paris website link

Little Paris

LITTLEPARISSF.COM Created a site and redesigned a logo for a client looking to rebrand their restaurant after relocating. Provided assistance with copy creation and image manipulation and selection.

east bay koi website images

East Bay Koi

EASTBAYKOI.COM Redesigned the client’s online shop and created a brand that reflects the client’s vison of a clean look and easy to use interface. Used Shopify CMS to create a flexible and customizeable shop.

igarlikeit website link


IGARLIKEIT.COM Created a site providing garlic recipes for a class project. Worked closely with design and content teams to translate mockups into a fully functioning site using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Logo by M. Picardo

oscar barajas interactive resume


INTERACTIVE RESUME Created an online resume designed to show my skills as a web developer and designer through an interactive interface. Using CSS3 transitions, I created a simple, yet dynamic site full of useful information for potential employers.

the little brickayrd sensor pictures

The Little Brickyard

THELITTLEBRICKYARD.COM Created a site to provide information about Lego® Mindstorms® Robotics using a responsive layout. The site includes tutorials and part descriptions to help beginners with the basics of building with the Lego© NXT2.0.

Baby Cribs

BRANDING Created a brand for a fictituous retailer which focuses on selling baby furniture. Worked with a partner to design a logo, business card, letterhead and ad. I designed the logo and ad, while my partner designed the letterhead and business card.

The Little Brickyard Commercial

AFTER EFFECTS Used stop motion photography, a Lego® set, and After Effects to create a motion graphics commercial for a proposed brick reseller. The website TheLittleBrickyard.com became a tutorials page, but the plan is to expand it to include used bricks.

Armageddon Space Shooter Menu


FLASH / INTERFACE DESIGN Designed an interface for a retro space-shooter game using the characters from Space Invaders. Developed with ActionScript 3.0 and flash animations. The goal was to create a minimal, but stylized interface that would be easy to navigate.

the little brickayrd sensor pictures


FLASH / GAME DEVELOPMENT Developed a single player space shooter using ActionScript 3.0. The purpose was to create a game with multiple enemies that increase their speed and spawning rate as the player's score increases. Used Space Invader characters as sprites.

baby cribs logo

Atari Banner Ad

FLASH / ATARI BANNER AD Designed a retro style ad for the Atari 2600 gaming console. I used iconic board game logos and 8 bit-looking sprites to create a dynamic ad that promotes the “new” gaming system, while taking a "shot" at its competitors.

typography self-portrait typography self-portrait


ILLUSTRATOR Composed a self-portrait with the letters of my name (including middle name) using Lucida Blackletter. The challenge was in using a single color and not morphing any of the letters. Value and texture were created with size and shape differences.

web page example 4 web page example 4


CARDBOARD Designed a two-sided, inverted colors mandala that incorporates personal elements. Half of the image was hand-drawn on white cardboard, cut out using a knife, and glued on opposite sides of a black cardboard, creating a mirror image with opposite colors.


Charcoal Still life.


Charcoal Still Life.


Graphite Still Life.


About Me

oscar barajas dribbble account oscar barajas dribbble account I’m a graduate of The Art Institute of California – San Francisco with a Bachelor of Science degree in Web Design & Interactive Media. I create clean and minimalist designs using semantic and well-organized code. My eclectic background, which includes six years in the United States navy as a nuclear reactor operator, allows me to bring a broad and open-minded approach to my creations. Through my experience with freelance work, webmaster at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, and as the in-house designer at Opera Mediaworks, I have expanded my working knowledge of front-end development as well as a variety of design styles. Strong in both design and development, my specialties are typography, HTML5 and JavaScript.

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